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Drivers protest \ridiculous\ parking tickets

A company that manages private parking was attacked by car owners who accused Diamond Parking of putting pressure on them to pay false parking fees. Tony Wan, a Richmond resident,

said: \”I think this is ridiculous . \” He received a bill that he thought was unreasonable. \”I will pay them if it works. \”Diamond patrols are in several parking lots in Area B. C. And the owner of Alberta. Some are pay-to- Parking lots and other parking lots are for customers only. Wan and his father received a bill last month to send them to the small business, claiming they owed $672 in late parking because they parked six times in the Diamond parking lot. Wan claimed that they did not park in the parking lot and never received a ticket from his vehicle for any violation. \”I don\’t actually know where the tickets were issued or why they were issued,\” Wan said . \”. The bill does not state where the car is parked or provide evidence of the violation. \”These bills can be sent to anyone\’s address, just let them pay,\” Wan said . \”. He provided public documents for the company he said had only two cars. A check on Diamond\’s online records shows that there are no tickets under these license plate numbers-which raises more questions. Spokesman Mike Poirier confirmed in an email: \”The license plate number you provided has never been notified by the diamond parking lot . \”. He later wrote, \”Please, sir. Wan knows that we have canceled all notifications due to the inquiry from Go Public. \”There seems to be some problems. . . The information we got. \”James Molin came to us with a similar story after seeing a complaint about diamonds online. \”Obviously, I\’m not the only one,\” Morin said . \”. On September, he received a bill, ostensibly parking at a parking lot in diamond. He said he parked his car in an alley nearby. When he challenged the bill, the company gave up. \”The notice . . . Has been canceled to 1- The company wrote a letter to Maureen. Since the vehicle only has a license plate number, Wan wants to know how Diamond knows where to send the bill. \”I don\’t know how such a private company would get my address in the first place,\” he said . \”. If the company submits the license plate number, BC insurance will give the name and address of the owner of the private parking company. \”ICBC\’s release of vehicle ownership information to the parking lot company is consistent with one of the reasons for collecting [ This information] \”Maintenance of the highway system,\” spokesman Adam Grossman wrote . \”. \”[The law] Define a highway that includes every private place where the public is invited to park the vehicle. \”B. C. The privacy commissioner ruled that it was OK but there were some restrictions. ICBC only provides the name and address and the parking company must agree to use this information only for collection. Ying Woo and Alex Wong are also unhappy with Diamond. They all stopped where customers at nearby restaurants could park for free and got tickets, although they had evidence that they were eating at the restaurant. Submit your story idea: In CBC- Television, radio and Internet. We will tell your story and hold you accountable. We want to hear people from all over the country tell stories they want to make public. Submit your story idea to Kathy Tomlinson in public \”I don\’t want this to happen in [To other people] Again and again, \”Yu said. He has a dashboard camera in his car. It shows that after parking in the diamond, he walked into a noodle shop in Richmond. Patrol parking, free parking for restaurant customers. In the video, a Diamond Parking employee stood in front of Yu\’s car. Soon after, Mr. Yu walked out of the restaurant with a carry bag. \”He said I could void your ticket if you could get the receipt for your dinner,\” Yu said, returning to the room to get a receipt. He said the waiter refused to cancel his ticket, claiming that the receipt was fake. \”He said it was not your receipt . \” \”Then I was angry. Yu later complained to diamond that Diamond\’s ticket was void. The company told the public that it often does so when people complain. \”Our philosophy is to assume that the driver who filed the appeal is acting in good faith, and if this is the first disputed notice, we tend to provide relief,\” Poirier wrote . \”. Alex Wong and several friends visited aRichmondMcDonald\’s, where customers can park for free. When they came out, he said all their vehicles had tickets for diamonds. \”I have a receipt that says I was eating there as a McDonald\’s customer, so they told me to send it to them, so I sent it to them,\” Wong said . \”. Diamond only agreed to reduce his ticket from $70 to $25, claiming that the patrol saw him leave the parking lot. \”I told them I wouldn\’t pay for something I didn\’t do at all,\” Huang said . \”. On a McDonald\’s brand, Mr. Huang also mentioned other complaints. It says, \”McDonald\’s is not responsible. . . Please park directly- Related issues with Diamond Parking. Diamond said the terms of the contract were clear on all signs. If the customer parking is free and there is no vehicle, the person parking there cannot leave the hotel. \”Our lawyers assured us that our contract with the owners allowed us to enforce the published rules on their private property,\” said Poirier . \”. Lawyer Phil Rankin said he believes that many of these tickets that look similar to municipal parking tickets cannot stand the challenge of the law. \”Just because you sent me a nice blue receipt that looks like an official city ticket in Vancouver doesn\’t mean I have to leave in a hurry and pay for it,\” Rankin said . \”. Like any claim for breach of contract, Mr. Rankin said, Diamond had to prove in court that the driver had violated the rules, which would be difficult and expensive. \”It\’s not enough that people ignore. I mean, I received these types [questionable] I don\’t care about the ticket. Basically, I don\’t pay. I ignore them. \”I don\’t think my credit rating has been affected,\” said Rankin . \”.

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