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OEM PLC equipment manufacturers

OEM equipment manufacturers, system integrator enhance brand weapon



For OEM equipment manufacturers and system integrator, the equipment and project divisions are extensive. Small problems or changes in customer feedback need to arrange personnel to travel to maintain or update the PLC program. For customers, sometimes they need to stop and wait to affect production. If the equipment can be debugged and directly maintained in the company, it not only saves costs, but also shortens the commissioning and maintenance time, and improves the product competitiveness and brand image of the enterprise.

Now there is a small module, weighing only 50g an egg size, which can directly upload and download the program to the PLC for the automatic equipment on the production line.


1. Reduce equipment downtime, when programming the next task, the previous equipment program can still work on the production line

2. For the automation equipment on the production line, the use of modules to download programs to the PLC can keep programmers away from heavy handling and improve the programming environment;

3. The wide range of offline programming can be used for program programming of PLCs such as FX2N series and FX3G series;

 4. It is easy for users to use, has strong adaptability, and can easily realize optimized programming;

5. It is easy to change PLC program and improve work efficiency;

6. No parameter setting, plug and play;

7. Built-in rechargeable battery, single charge can be used continuously for more than 5 hours;



Especially for areas with poor remote network, if you want to complete the work with remote debugging and programming, with the CM-OP module engineer, as long as the program is debugged in the office and sent directly to the customer, even if the machine is working on the production line, there is no need to worry and easy to use. Therefore, for OEM equipment manufacturers and system integrators, the CM-OP module not only reduces the cost of personnel travel, but also improves the competitiveness of the enterprise and improves the brand influence.

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