Modern technology gives us many things.

What are the practical uses of optical fiber

Fibre Optics aren’t just used in communications, they’re also being used increasingly for sensing and monitoring in harsh environments.

Sensing and monitoring can be used for identification and measurement; Or enable the enterprise to identify any problems or maintenance issues, ultimately saving time and money in repair and problem management.  

Just some of these practical uses are listed below;

Acoustic Sensing

From oil & gas pipelines to railway tracks, military bases and international borders, this system deploys fiber optic equipment underground and uses sharp pulses of laser light, usually of a narrow band and low phase noise, to feedback data.

Temperature Sensing

System can detect temperature changes of less than 0.01°C and pinpoint the location of thermal events to within one metre, making it ideal for maintaining calibration and monitoring temperature-sensitive processes such as drilling and mining and the oil and gas industry.  

Strain & Pressure Sensing

A distributed strain system can accurately locate ground movements near pipelines with a resolution of 20 microstrain. Strain sensing is also used to monitor underground tunnels or in cities to monitor local structures while major close-by excavations might be undertaken.

Intruder Detection

Fiber optics can be embedded in fences, pipes or ditches and connected to systems that can detect and identify the location of disturbances. Armor components can be used to protect these systems in harsh environments, extending the life of such applications.  

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