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The Best Encyclopedia About Phone Cases

The History of Mobile Phone Cases

Cell phone cases are no longer just a practical commodity. With the popularity of cell phones among young people, almost every fashion conscious young person wants to have a unique cell phone. Grooming their phones has gradually become a way for them to show their personality. To meet this trend, cell phone case manufacturers have introduced many more products with better workmanship and more chic color patterns. This makes the types of cell phone cases more diversified.

In China, a variety of mid- to high-end cell phone use of the population in general, popularization. Seeing the prospect of the development of cell phone covers worldwide, manufacturers of cell phone covers have sprung up. These companies produce cell phone covers with various materials, but also focus on the beauty, personality, and quality of cell phone covers. The diversification and diversification of cell phone covers is endless, and it is surprising that the price of some cell phone covers are far more expensive than cell phones. There are some companies that pay a lot of money to create luxury series of cell phone covers, the exterior of the phone cover with diamonds – Ketaili series, set onyx – Koteli series, inlaid with gold edges – KTL series and many more series of high-end, high-luxury and exquisite cell phone cases.

The role of the cell phone cover.

  1. Protect the phone to prevent hard objects from leaving scratches on the phone screen or body.
  2. The phone cover can be printed on a variety of colors, there is a role of beauty!
  3. The silicone cover can prevent nails for a long time and key contact scratches, abrasion, there is a role in protecting the screen and keys.
  4. Silicone cover has a non-slip role.
  5. Apple phone cover, also has a role in enhancing the signal, because some cell phone shells and metal contact with the formation of magnetic fields interfere with the cell phone signal, to put on the phone insulated phone cover, you can enhance the signal.
  6. Accidentally dropped to protect the phone from falling.
  7. Modeling phone cover can be dressed up the phone into a variety of personalized shape.

Classification of cell phone covers.

According to the texture of leather, silicone, fabric, hard plastic, soft plastic cover, velvet, silk, etc..

Phone Cases
Phone Cases

According to the model, there is a straight plate, which can be used; flip cover can only use leather jacket and cloth bag, a few models have hard plastic package shell (Samsung’s more) slide cover can only have a cloth bag and leather cover.

1. Silicone cover: silicone cover is the most familiar type of cell phone cover. It has a soft texture and slightly slippery feel, and has been popular in the market for many years. It is a personalized brand crafted by many cell phone case manufacturers and has been leading in market share. Because of its excellent cost performance, silicone cases also became popular and favored by many people when MP3 and iPod became hot later.

2. Leather cover: Among all kinds of cell phone covers, leather covers are also very popular. Compared to the single style of silicone cases, business people who work in the workplace prefer to use generous and decent leather cases, and the young people who advocate leisure are different, taking a single-color phone for them is a loss of elegance. The same as the silicone cover, cell phone holster is also divided into two kinds, one is popular for many years waist-hanging holster, the type of application is more common; the other is a portable holster can be put into the pocket, more for N97, iphone and other high-end smart models. Although the appearance of the two seem different, but the manufacturing process is still similar.

3. Crystal case: silicon and leather covers have their own merits and shortcomings, in order to achieve comprehensive protection, another kind of cell phone protective cover came into being. This is the crystal case favored by women. It is made of plexiglass, thick and sturdy appearance, the shell body crystal clear. Not only can effectively protect the phone, but also does not affect the appearance, can be described as a deep silicone cover and leather cover. However, the purchase of crystal shell is also a test of vision. Although the crystal shell cost is not high, the process is also relatively simple, but some businesses in order to earn higher profits, in the workmanship and materials or can save on. First of all, the appearance of the crystal case depends largely on the abrasives, abrasives good, the quality of the crystal case made out of hard.

4. Clearwater case: Clearwater set is not what the concept of innovation, it is a blend of crystal shell and silicone set, belongs to a kind of transparent silicone made of soft and hard moderate cell phone protective cover, and because like the crystal shell transparent, so named clear water. The disadvantage of the silicone case is the use of a long time, the body and the body inevitably “like glue”, sometimes you have to let the phone “fly out of the cage” to breathe; and the crystal case due to the texture of brittle hard, easy to collapse, may lead to frequent replacement. Clear water set is not easy to loose deflated, and the right size, can be said to have the advantages of both silicone sets and crystal shells, at the same time, in order to look beautiful, the back of the clear water set is usually printed with delicate patterns, no longer like silicone sets and crystal shells as dull color.

5. Net case: cell phone net case is a subspecies of soft shell, the shell body is covered with mesh ventilation holes and named, the design is usually relatively simple. Iphone after the rise, many owners prefer cell phone net case. There is no other reason, the structure is strong and fast heat dissipation, and the phone looks fresh and simple at a glance. Of course, the disadvantages of the net case is also very obvious, that is, can not effectively dustproof and waterproof. After wearing it for a long time, there will be a lot of dirt accumulated in the small holes, which is not conducive to the beauty of the phone, so pay attention to the appropriate time to clean. Nowadays, the market began to rise in the skin mesh case, that is, the main body of the mesh case covered by a leather jacket, only to maintain the key parts of the mesh design.

With the increasing demand of phone cases, many phone case suppliers have launched the business of custom phone cases wholesale.

How to choose a phone case?

1. Do not look too fancy

Now the phone case can be described as a variety of people dazzled, then we pick the phone case can not be too fancy, need practical right, so do not be too fancy, but hold the phone is not smooth, not comfortable.

2. Silicone phone case to heat dissipation

The pro of the selection of silicone phone case to pay attention to is that because silicone phone case is not easy to dissipate heat, so the selection must be selected when there are holes for heat dissipation, otherwise the body is easy to heat not heat, burned phone internal parts.

3. Wave edge feel good

The best way to pick a phone case is to pick a phone case with some wavy edges or other shapes, because it feels very good to hold the phone, not easy to drop the phone.

4. Flexible keyhole

There are a lot of custom airpods case and the phone match the model case, but the key place but no obvious key hole, so the phone case keys with inflexible and inconvenient, so be sure to pay attention to match the phone case keys must have holes.

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