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What is self-adhesive vinyl roll?

What is self-adhesive vinyl?

Self-adhesive vinyl is a thin, flexible material commonly used to make brightly colored, eye-catching logos and graphics. Self-adhesive vinyl is waterproof for indoor and outdoor applications and can withstand temperatures up to 75 °C.

Self-adhesive vinyl is a versatile material that can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes. You can apply vinyl to most flat and curved surfaces, such as plastic, metal, or aluminum.

Some adhesive vinyls are used for permanent outdoor applications, some are designed for removable indoor applications. Usually (though not always), permanent outdoor vinyl has a smooth surface, while movable indoor vinyl has a matte finish.

PU Heat Transfer Iron on Vinyl

How to apply self-adhesive vinyl?

In order for your vinyl record to perform at its best, you need to make sure it’s stored properly. Most types of vinyl should be kept in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. We recommend storing vinyl in a safe place, such as the garage or attic. Vinyl reels shall hang or stand upright on the reel block provided. Vinyl should not be stored for more than two years and make sure the substrate is clean. Dust on the substrate can cause bubbles in the vinyl.

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